DualMind ESL - Online English Academy

Welcome to DualMind English Academy

As an online English academy, we provide quality English language education to students from all over the world. Our classes are conducted online, through a video conferencing platform, which allows us to teach students in the comfort of their own home with world-class instructors. Come learn with us!

Meet the Founders

Andrew D.
M.S./TESOL Certified

With experience teaching students from over 40 countries, Andrew combines his energetic teaching style with humor and cultural insight to engage students and heighten their interest in the content. He has experience teaching all ages. He spent three years teaching in Zhejiang, China.

Vanessa Z.
M.Ed./Licensed Teacher

Having taught English in China for six years and having completed her Master of Education through one of the world's top pedagogy departments, at the University of British Columbia, Vanessa has extensive experience and deep familiarity with curriculums from both the Eastern and the Western worlds of education.